23rd May 2017 : Press Release

Once again Britain Suffers from the Horror of Terrorism. This heinous act coincides with the anniversary of the Murder of Lee Rigby. The ideological genesis of these senseless attackers stems from Wahabism and its funding from Saudi Arabia. We call upon our government to stand with the majority of the Muslim community and help us uproot this hatred. We believe that the only way to extricate this ideology of hate from our society is to create an attractive counter ideological narrative. This narrative would promote the attraction and the theological roots of positive bridge building with all people in society. The Sufi community constituting the majority of the Muslims of the United Kingdom are ready to stand with the government to promulgating this notion of positive counter narrative. We need to save our young and vulnerable from being suffocated with this extremist ideology.

Our thoughts are with victims and their families, and we pray for a peaceful Britain.

Muslim Action Forum


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8th of February 2015 Protest

Downing Street, London

1000s of Muslims including Scholars and Spiritual Leaders protested outside Downing Street to denounce the uncivilised expressionists reprinting of the cartoon image of the Holy Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him. Muslim Action Forum once again invites the world to the Declaration of Global Civility. The global Muslim community shall not be hijacked by coldblooded killers or uncivilised expressionists.

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